Satsuki Hirazono


Satsuki Hirazono
Satsuki, the lead character






Riene (Wife)
Unnamed mother (deceased)
Unnamed father (estranged)


Part-time job at Yotsuba Supermarket

Satsuki Hirazono is the lead character of Futsumashi na Yome desu ga, the manga series by Kazato Nori and serialized by Asuka (monthly).


Due to his mother being deceased and his father leaving him a huge debt, Satsuki has learned how to take care of himself inculuding how to cook, has a job (though only part-time), and clean. He is also very


Satsuki is a handsome, bespectacled, teenage boy with a tall, lean build, ashen-blonde hair, green eyes and smooth, fair skin. It is apparent that he is attractive as the girls from his school would gush at seeing him, stating he's cool-looking and the like. He wears a black school uniform with white trim.

When he was younger, he was a lot more girly, in both looks and attitude. Riene states that she is looking for a young girl named Satsuki who should be about sixteen years old, who really is the present, handsome, sixteen year old Satsuki who saves her from starving to death in a dumpster.



When Satsuki first finds Riene, she appears to be a lifeless corpse laying in a dumpster, but soon starts moving due to being driven by her hunger. Satsuki takes her to his home and feeds her some food, of which she eats a quantity of, to where Satsuki wonders about the diminishing size of his share of meal. After thanking him for the meal, she introduces herself as an exorcist who specializes in curses and spells, and that she has been excommunicated from her monastery and therefore has no place to stay. Satsuki acknowledges this but then immediately tells her to leave. Riene tells him that she is looking for a girl who had saved and looked after her, stating the girl's name was "Satsuki-chan". Riene also states that the girl she's looking for should be sixteen. Satsuki, albeit sharing the same name and age, sharply denies knowing any sort of person around. But after catching Satsuki's scent, Riene recognizes him as the girl Satsuki she knew. Although Satsuki denies this by saying she is mistaken because he is a guy, Riene affirms that he is the Satsuki she knew, and Satsuki is thinking that he doesn't know this girl. She then tells him that this was the second time he had saved her and that she is indebted to him. Then he takes her to the local police station saying she's lost. On his way to school with his friend Aki Kamina, he is sleepy as he didn't have much sleep the previous night

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